Graduate Training

The WSPP Psychology Training Center is a community mental health center serving as the primary training site for graduate students at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology.  Operating on a sliding-fee basis, the Psychology Training Center offers psychological services to economically disadvantaged individuals, couples and families for whom access to traditional forms of services would be impossible.

Graduate students at WSPP are able to see clients in the Psychology Training Center after their first year in the program and are supervised by WSPP faculty who are all licensed psychologists.  Students receive supervision in ratios appropriate to their skill levels, with closer monitoring at more basic levels and less as skills increase.  Since the WSPP Psychology Training Center is a fully functioning mental health center, student trainees gain exposure to the types of management and documentation requirements typical of outpatient mental health centers, allowing for smoother transition to internship and post-doctoral placements.

The WSPP Psychology Training Center offers a wide range of currently-employed psychological assessment instruments to evaluate clients’ cognitive, academic, emotional and social functioning, and these instruments are available for student use with their clients.  The Training Center also maintains multiple, comfortable rooms for individual, couples and family therapy.

Through consultation with their supervisors, students training in the WSPP Psychology Training Center are able to develop their skills as caring professionals, ready to move forward into successful psychological careers