Student Support

Our mentorship model demands that students find in our faculty members the kind of professionals they are training to become.

Mentorship Model
WSPP is committed to training through a mentorship model demanding close, individualized, personal attention by faculty to student needs. Our small size and high faculty to student ratio facilitate mentoring relationships and allow for the development of certain competencies, such as self-awareness and relationship, that might not be so easily achieved by a larger program. Since all faculty are involved in the kinds of clinical activities they teach to their students, student identification with faculty as role models is facilitated.

The availability of faculty to students has been praised by previous site visitors and cited by alumni as one of the most effective elements of their training. Students have many and varied opportunities to interact with, learn from, and be socialized into the profession by faculty.

Support for Student Research
Research Coordinator/Librarian: WSPP’s Research Coordinator/Librarian helps to organize the information retrieval process for the students to ensure that they get the materials they need. The WSPP Library is a member of the Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin giving students access to over 100 library collections. When items are not available locally, the Research Coordinator/Librarian will facilitate the inter-library loan of materials for students.

WSPP Library
: The on-campus library consists of a broad range of holdings relevant to clinical psychology. It is augmented by subscriptions to on-line databases. Several databases and professional browsers are available. The full-text and abstract on-line databases are maintained by the American Psychological Association and are available via computer.

Data for Dissertations: Data is available through the various contracted practicum placements throughout the Milwaukee community as well as the WSPP Psychology Training Center. A series of three 1-credit research seminars helps students to formulate and develop ideas for a dissertation with feedback from other students and from faculty. Students enrolled in a given research seminar will be at different points in the development of their research ideas, allowing for peer-mentoring. WSPP requires students to have defended the dissertation proposal prior to applying for internship.

A full range of currently used instruments are available to assess cognitive, academic, personality, vocational and neuropsychological functioning. Our test library is updated as new instruments and revisions of older instruments are published.