John H. Jackson Minority Scholarship:
In order to attract and assist minority applicants, WSPP offers a minority scholarship to qualified incoming minority students. WSPP maintains a non-discrimination policy and is committed to training minority applicants to the Psy.D. degree in professional clinical psychology. Eligibility is based upon minority status, proven academic excellence, as well as financial need. The scholarship provides up to 50% tuition reduction granted each semester for up to five years, so long as the student maintains eligibility. Applications for the minority scholarship should accompany the application for enrollment.

Raymond J. McCall Scholarship of Excellence:
This is a $1,000 one time award based on academic excellence. Applicants must be in at least their second year of coursework. One McCall Scholarship per year may be awarded.

Anthony M. Kuchan Scholarship:
An academic scholarship, The Anthony M. Kuchan Scholarship, is to be awarded to a student who is conducting dissertation research in the area of ethics and professional practice.

WSPP is actively and energetically soliciting additional scholarship funds from private and public sources.

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