Why Attend WSPP?

We recognize that there are many choices for your graduate training in psychology. We would like to highlight some of the particular strengths of our program and why you might choose WSPP.

  • Small class size (enrollment in all classes limited to 15 students)
  • Core Faculty FTE to student FTE = 1:7.5; Total faculty FTE to student FTE = 1:2.6
  • APA accredited
  • Very high internship placement rate
  • Flexibility in scheduling, full or part-time
  • On-site training clinic offering services to diverse populations
  • All practica arranged through WSPP–no having to search for your own training opportunities
  • Close faculty advisor/mentor relationships
  • All required classes are offered in the evening
  • Training emphasis in adult or child clinical psychology
  • Plentiful opportunities for applied research and dissertations
  • The only accredited doctoral level school of Professional Psychology in Wisconsin
  • An active student body and student organization (APPS–The Association of Professional Psychology Students)