Psychology Clinic

Students have ready access to clinical practice in our on-campus Psychology Training Center where they learn the skills and practices necessary for a professional psychologist.

WSPP Psychology Training Center Mission Statement
The mission of the WSPP Psychology Training Center is twofold:
1) to provide a broad range of quality clinical training and experience to its students, and
2) to provide quality mental health services to families with limited access to psychological services. The mission includes offering students the opportunity to develop skills in addressing the special needs and resources of these families, and assuring that a contribution is made through research to further understand the extent to which social, economic, political and other environmental forces impact upon mental health. The mission also includes providing clinical training and experience necessary to ensure that each student has a sufficient range of supervised experience to be adequately prepared for clinical internship or professional practice.

In pursuit of this mission, the WSPP Psychology Training Center shall:

  • Provide an environment for students to obtain training in the areas of psychological assessment and treatment for adults, children, and families;
  • Endeavor to maintain a staff that is knowledgeable of culturally diverse clinical issues;
  • Ensure that proper supervision will be provided to our students in order to effectively accommodate the needs of those seeking and providing services in our center;
  • Provide assistance to students under our supervision to enhance their successful integration within the institutions which impact upon the multicultural and diverse community;
  • Afford meaningful opportunities for research directed towards positive social change;
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for persons receiving and providing services in our center;
  • Uphold each individual’s rights under the laws of the United States, the State of Wisconsin, and display and uphold the patient rights guidelines according the statues of the State of Wisconsin.

In furtherance of this mission, The WSPP Psychology Training Center is committed to treatment and research strategies which reflect the progressive ideals rooted in the practice of clinical psychology within a context of cultural pluralism, consistent with the philosophy of the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology.

Clinical Activities
Students enrolled in WSPP as regular status students have the opportunity to begin clinical work in the Psychology Center following completion of their first year. Early clinical activities could consist of observing more experienced students interacting with clients, sitting in on group therapy sessions and attending case conferences. As students’ skills improve, they begin to see clients themselves, with close supervision from our talented faculty of practicing clinical psychologists. Faculty members are available for student questions at all times.

On-Campus Clinic
Our on-campus psychology clinic is a full-service community mental health clinic. This means that students will have access to clients with the full-range of diagnoses from milder adjustment disorders, to more serious affective and pervasive developmental disorders. In our psychology clinic, students also are trained in the specific forms of documentation required by state-mandated clinics, facilitating their transition to other clinics following graduation and increasing employment opportunities.

Location: Located in the lower level of 9120 W. Hampton Ave., direct phone: 414-466-9777 (by appointment only)